• Is there a payment function?
    Hello, our watch does not support this function temporarily.
  • Is there a pace function?
    Hello, yes, you can see this function in the mobile APP.
  • Why is the back flashing and flashing?
    Hello, this is measuring heart rate.
  • The bracelet I bought cannot be connected, but the display on the bracelet cannot be connected?
    Hello, download the APP, turn on the Bluetooth, and connect through the APP.
  • Does Bluetooth have to be turned on during use?
    Hello, always connected, data can be synchronized, if you don't use the mobile phone information function, you can not connect to Bluetooth, the data will be sy...
  • Is the battery life good? I bought it for running, can the function work?
    Hello, the battery life is very strong, this is a smart bracelet, so it mainly depends on your frequency of use, the normal use time is about 3-5 days, and the ...