CSR statement

The company promises to abide by the national labor, health and safety, environment, ethics and other social responsibility laws and regulations, and comply with internationally recognized standards and other applicable industry standards and international conventions. The company formulates company policies, production processes and working environments that comply with labor conditions, health and safety, environmental safety, and ethics in accordance with industry standards, and continuously improves working conditions and employee benefits. The company makes the following commitments in terms of labor policy, health and safety, environmental protection, and ethics, and requires all departments of the company to strictly implement:


Free choice

Do not use forced, mortgage (including debt), bondage or involuntary prison labor, and do not slave or traffic labor. It is forbidden for employees to pay (deposit) or store ID cards in the company when they are employed, and employees work overtime voluntarily.

No child labor

Child labor must not be used at any stage of manufacturing. At the time of recruitment, it is required to be at least 16 years old. The company shall not arrange for workers under the age of 18 to engage in work that may endanger the health or safety of minors.

Working Hours

Employees voluntarily work overtime, and the company does not require employees to work overtime.

Salary and benefits

The company shall provide employees with wages not lower than the local minimum wage standard in accordance with local laws and regulations, clearly specify the composition of the wages through a document system, and provide employees with the corresponding vacation, working hours wages, overtime pay and purchase insurance in strict accordance with the regulations.

Humane treatment

Treat workers without cruelty and inhumanity, and prohibit any form of sexual harassment, sexual abuse, corporal punishment, mental or physical oppression, verbal abuse and threats of violence. 


The company promises that employees are free from harassment and illegal discrimination; the company’s hiring, salary, training opportunities, promotion, work arrangements (including overtime), dismissal and other matters are based on employees’ personal capabilities and job needs, and will never engage in or support any Discriminatory behavior based on race, social class, nationality, religion, disability, gender, gender orientation, union membership, or political relationship. 

Free association

Employees have the right to join the trade union freely. The trade union can negotiate collectively with the company on behalf of the employees. The company respects this right of employees. 

二、Health and safety

Occupational safety, public and industrial hygiene

Strictly abide by relevant laws and regulations, effectively control safety and health risk sources, and provide employees with a healthy and safe working and living environment. Ensure that the drinking water, sanitation facilities, fire safety, lighting and ventilation of the workplace meet the requirements of the regulations, take appropriate measures on the basis of compliance with the regulations, minimize the hazards in the working environment, and conduct regular health inspections and training. 

Emergency Response

The company establishes a safety organization structure and various emergency teams, formulates various safety emergency plans, and regularly trains relevant personnel on safety knowledge and emergency plans. Equipped with emergency facilities and equipment in accordance with the requirements of laws and regulations, and conduct regular emergency plan drills to ensure the effectiveness of the plan. 

三、Environmental protection 

Compliance with regulations and resource conservation

Strictly abide by relevant laws and regulations, obtain necessary environmental permits, approve documents and registration certificates, maintain and update them regularly, legally dispose of solid waste and control the use of hazardous chemicals. Strengthen enterprises' investment in energy conservation and emission reduction and technological transformation, rational planning and systematic management to ensure that various environmental indicators are within the scope of regulations. Actively eliminate outdated production equipment and processes, actively implement clean production, improve the comprehensive utilization of resources, and reduce pollutant emissions. Formulate scientific and feasible emergency plans for environmental emergencies, and organize emergency drills to ensure environmental safety. 

Green product

Strictly abide by applicable laws, regulations and customer requirements that prohibit or restrict specific substances, and strictly control the procurement and production process of materials to ensure that products meet the requirements of environmental protection. 

Mitigation and adaptation to climate change

Appropriate tracking and recording of energy consumption and greenhouse gases should be carried out in corresponding workplaces, and energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions should be reduced as much as possible to mitigate and adapt to climate change. 

四、Ethics regulation

The company's business has always followed the laws and regulations of the country where the business is located, business operation mode, customs, etc. When the ethics, customs, laws and regulations of these countries conflict with the company's philosophy, the company will seek to be consistent with the company's ethics. 

Integrity management

The company follows the highest standards of integrity in all business interactions. The company prohibits any and all forms of bribery, corruption, extortion, and embezzlement of public funds. 

Information disclosure

Disclosure of information about business activities, organizational structure, financial status and performance in accordance with applicable regulations and major industry practices. All disclosed information is reviewed by the Finance Department and the Legal and Public Relations Department to ensure the accuracy and completeness of the information. 

Intellectual property

Respect intellectual property rights. Do a good job in information security protection, and do not disclose company, customer or supplier confidential information or personal information to others. 


Strictly abide by the applicable fair competition laws and antitrust laws. No employee may manipulate or use privileged information, or obtain unfair benefits in other unfair ways. The company adheres to the standards of fair transactions, advertising and competition.